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Read the following terms and conditions carefully before making use of Our Service.

Interpretation and Definitions


The words in the letter with the capital letter are defined in the following definitions. The following definitions will all have the same meaning regardless of whether they’re written in plural or singular.


in the context of the Terms and Conditions of Service

  • Affiliate is a term used to describe an entity that is controlled by and is controlled by or shares control with a specific entity in addition “control” means ownership of 50percent or more equity interest and shares or other securities that have the right to participate in director’s elections or other management authorities.
  • Country refers to Nevada, United States
  • Company (referred to as “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement) is an allusion to Jamal Sarwar.
  • The device is a term used to describe any device that can be used to connect to the Service like an iPhone or laptop computer or a tablet that’s digital.
  • Feedback is a term that is used to describe feedback, fresh ideas or suggestions offered by you regarding the quality, characteristics or features of our Service.
  • Promotions refer to sweepstakes competitions or contests as well as other promotions offered through the Service.
  • Service refers to the website.
  • Terms and Conditions (also called “Terms”) mean these Terms and Conditions that constitute the entire agreement with You with the Company regarding the use of the service.
  • Third-party Social Media Service means any kind of content or service (including information, data products and other types of services) which are offered by a third party and can be featured, integrated, or made available via the Service.
  • Website refers to Jamal Sarwar, accessible from https://jamalsarwar.com
  • Your mean the individual who uses and accesses the Service or the business or legal entity under the name that the person makes use of or using the Service in accordance with the appropriate.


These are the conditions and terms that govern the use of the service as well as the contract that exists between You and the Company. These conditions outline the rights and obligations required of every user with respect to the use of the Service.

Access and use of the Services are contingent on your acceptance and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions apply to everyone who uses, visits and other users who access or use the Service.

When you use or access the Service, you accept being bound to the Terms and Conditions of Use. If you don’t agree to any clause or provision or clause of these Terms and Conditions you will not be able to access the Service.

You represent that you are over 18, years. The Company cannot permit anyone younger than 18 access to the Services.

The use and access to the service is subject to your acceptance of and compliance with Our Security Policy which is the responsibility of the Company. Our Privacy Policy sets out our guidelines and policies for gathering the use and disclosure of the personal information you supply every time you use the Application or website. It also provides information regarding your privacy rights and the legal protections that are available to your rights. Read our Privacy Policy in full before using Our Service.


The promotions made available through the Service may come with rules different from the provisions of these Terms.

If you participate in any Promotion, be certain to be aware of the rules that apply to you as well as our privacy policy. If the rules of the Promotion are not in accordance with the conditions of these Conditions, it is the Promotion rules will be enforced.

Intellectual Property

The service and all its contents (excluding Content provided by You or other users) The features and functions remain the exclusive rightful property of the Company as well as the Licensors of the Company.

This Service is protected under copyright, trademark and other laws that apply to the country as well as other countries.

Trademarks and trademarks belonging to our company cannot be used as part of any product or service without written consent from the company.

Your Feedback to Us

You assign all rights, title, and interest in any Feedback you submit to Company. Company. If the assignment is not legally binding you agree to give The Company the non-exclusive perpetual irrevocable and royalty-free worldwide right and license to use, reproduce, divulge the Feedback and sub-license it, to distribute it as Feedback, modify and use it without restriction.

Links to Other Websites

Our Service may contain hyperlinks to other sites and services, which may not be controlled or controlled through the Company.

The company has no direct or indirect influence on and is not liable for any responsibility for, the security policies, privacy practices or practices of any third-party website and services. Further, you acknowledge and agree that the Company cannot be held accountable or liable directly or directly to any harm or injury which is alleged to result from or be related to the use of or dependence on any of the products and services, or content that are accessible through or on these sites or through the services.

We strongly suggest that you read the terms and policies of all websites or services you use.


We are able to stop or suspend your access at any point, without prior notice or liability at any point regardless of the reason, including but not limited to, the event of a violation of conditions and conditions.

If you end your subscription, the right to use the Service immediately ceases.

Limitation of Liability

Any damages you may be liable for, it is the sole responsibility of the Company and the suppliers the manner of any provision in These Terms. The sole recourse in the event of all of these is restricted to the amount you have paid to use the Service, and to 100 dollars if You didn’t buy anything through this Service.

to the maximum of the extent permitted by law, under no circumstance does the company or its partners be held responsible in any way. The company, as well as its affiliated companies, shall not be held accountable for any particular consequential, incidental or other damage (including but not excluded from damages for losses in profit, data and other data including personal injury, business interruption or privacy loss that result from or are connected with the use of or inability of making usage of the Service and third-party software or hardware used in conjunction with or in connection with the Service and in conjunction with the terms of these Terms) regardless of the situation it is the case that the Company or one of its suppliers are cognizant of any possibility for damage or other damages, even in the situation where the remedy does not perform its primary function.

Certain states do not permit the exclusion of implied warranties, or limits on the liability of a party in the event of incidental or consequential damages, which means that some of the above limitations aren’t applicable. States that do not are governed by a limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages. The parties’ liability is limited only to the extent permissible by the law.

“AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” Disclaimer

This Service is offered “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” and is free of imperfections or defects and without any warranty of any kind. To the extent permitted by legal standards, the Company on behalf of itself and on behalf of its Affiliates and the respective licensors and service providers, disclaims any warranties, either implied, explicit or otherwise with respect to the Service and any implied warranties regarding the quality, merchantability, or fitness for specific needs, title and non-infringement, and any other warranty that results from dealings, the course of execution, use, or any other use of trade. In addition to the above, and further to that, the Company does not provide any guarantee or guarantee to any purpose and does not make any representations or representations of any kind that the Service can meet your needs or produce the desired results, or be compatible or compatible with any other applications, software or systems that run continuously and satisfy any standards for performance or reliability or be error-free or that any flaw or error is able to be corrected or fixed.

without limiting the scope of what’s stated not to limit the above and without limiting what’s said, neither the Company nor any service provider of the Company makes any representations or warranties of any kind either implied or explicit (i) about the performance and availability of access to the Service or the information, content or materials in it; (ii) that the Service is reliable or error-free (iii) regarding the accuracy, reliability or the validity of any information or information accessible via this Service or through the Service. (iv) It is assured it is guaranteed that the Service and its server, its content or e-mails transmitted by or on behalf to or for the benefit of the Company are free from viruses, scripts trojan horses, viruses, malware, timebombs or any other potentially harmful components.

Certain countries don’t permit exclude certain kinds of warranties or restrict the rights that are legally applicable to consumers. Therefore, any or all of the limitations and exclusions could not be applicable in your particular situation. In such an event the exclusions and limitations that are provided by this paragraph will only be enforced to the greatest extent permitted by law.

Governing Law

The laws of this country, in relation to its rules on conflict of laws, will govern these Terms as well as your use of the Services. Your use of the Service may be subject to other local laws, laws of the state, and national or international laws.

Disputes Resolution

If you are concerned or have a concern about the Service, you should first try to solve the problem on your own by contacting the Company.

For European Union (EU) Users

If you’re a European Union consumer, you are covered by any mandatory legal regulations in the laws of the nation in which where you live.

The United States Legal Compliance

Your representation and warranty affirm that: (i) you aren’t located in a country that is within the range of an embargo that was introduced through the United States government embargo, or is classified by the government officials from the United States government as a “terrorist supporting” country, and (ii) You’re not included on or in the United States government list of restricted or prohibited groups.

Severability and Waiver


If any of the provisions of these terms are determined to be ineffective or not applicable, this clause shall be modified and interpreted to fulfil the purpose of the provision to the greatest extent that is feasible as per the applicable law and all other clauses remain in full force and in force.


So long as the Terms are not in violation, the failure to use rights or to require to fulfil obligations in these Terms will not limit a person’s rights to exercise the option or it to perform at any moment, nor is the waiver of a breach constitute or waiver from any subsequent breach.

Translation Interpretation

the Terms and conditions could be translated when we can provide them via our Service. You acknowledge that the original English text prevails when there is a dispute.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

The sole authority of our company is in our sole discretion to modify or modify these Terms at any time. If a significant change is made, we will make every effort to provide at least 30 days warning prior to any changes coming into effect. What constitutes significant changes will be determined at our sole discretion.

When you access or use Our Service after those revisions have been implemented, you agree that you are bound to the revised conditions. If you do not agree with the new terms whether in whole or in parts, you must stop using our website and the Service.

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